Exhibitor Registration

Submit your list of exhibitor badges so you can quickly pick them up on-site.

How to Register for Exhibitor Badges
  1. Download the Exhibitor Badge Registration form
  2. Carefully fill out the required information on the form
  3. Send your completed Exhibitor Badge Registration form to
  4. We will email you a confirmation of receipt of your request within 3 business days
  5. Once your request has been processed, you will receive a barcoded confirmation via email
Important Information

• Pick up your exhibitor badges at the Overseas Exhibitor Registration desk in the Expo Center’s Main Registration Hall
• To make changes to your badge list, email  Deadline for badge registration is October 20th
• Each 9 square meter booth includes up to 4 exhibitor badges, additional badges are available for $10 each

The Deadline for Exhibitor Badge Registration is October 20