Frozen Seafood is a Rising Star in China’s Sam’s Clubs

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Finance.ifeng] translated by Amy Zhong - October 8, 2018 Sam’s Club, owned by Walmart, has been targeting high-end consumers in China. Promoting fresh food has been its differentiation strategy in the Chinese market where locals show more and more...

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China Will Cut the Size of its Fishing Fleet

  SEAFOODNEWS.COM [South China Morning Post] By Stephen Chen - August 16, 2016 Overfishing in Chinese rivers and seas has seriously depleted stocks and the government is to cut the size of the nation’s fishing fleet, the agricultural ministry said. A well-known...

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Sea Snails Become Hot Niche Export Species to China

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Associated Press] By Matt O'Brien - July 7, 2016 - LITTLE COMPTON, R.I.,  Cooking a channeled whelk is not for the squeamish. But sliced and sprinkled over a bed of linguine, it's a chewy delicacy in old-fashioned Italian eateries along the East...

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China Ranks Second for Argentine Fish, Seafood Exports

  SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Xinhua] June 15, 2016 China was the second largest destination for Argentina's fish and seafood exports in the first quarter of 2016, according to a report released Monday. Argentina's fish and seafood exports to China in this period were worth...

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China Gets a Taste of Mangrove-Farmed Tiger Shrimp

    Intrafish News   Selva Shrimp - the mangrove farmed black tiger shrimp produced by Vietnam's Minh Phu and consulting firm BlueYou -- has been launched on the Chinese market. The launch will target China's growing demand for natural and safe food...

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