SEAFOODNEWS.COM  [Technopress]  February 19, 2016

An Argentine company, Transandino, has developed waterless technology for shipping live bivalves, snails, and abalone to China.  Since 2009, Argentina shows sales of live seafood to Hong Kong and from there to other Chinese cities. This is mostly seafood extracted by artisanal fishermen in the trans-Andean Patagonia, and shipped by Transandino.
“It can be noted that this trade was based on technology implemented to monitor catch, nursery preparation, packaging, transportation by land without water and air and the identification of reliable wholesale buyers. Transandino  was allowed to arrive with healthy animals and competitive markets, in many cases, double flight distances faced by other suppliers, “says the Argentine Favio Rescia and one of the architects of the initiative.
Rescia adds that “in the case of Argentina were bivalves (clams) and gastropods (snails) species of success.
The appeal of live seafood market in China lies in the higher prices that can be obtained in these presentations compared to fresh or frozen product. It is primordial habit in China, marketing of live seafood as a guarantee of freshness and this mode is implemented by wholesale and retail buyers, who typically have facilities with seawater to receive and hold for days the living organisms. Thus traders have live products once or twice a week for about 45 weeks per year, as exports stop only two or three weeks coinciding with the celebrations of the lunar new year. “
This executive says demand registered has been very stable, with possible increases during the two weeks before the New Year. “Here, the buyers, in addition to competitive pricing, value the continuity of supply and survival in nurseries. Usually sales will operate based on estimates weekly volumes and bank transfer payment on delivery at destination “, he said.
Potential Chile
“If a modest artisanal fishery from Argentina have been able to take advantage of these opportunities, it is reasonable to think that in Chile, with an aquaculture industry developed, with artisanal fisheries catch and air links to potentially to expedite to the East, should be able to be successfully implement projects of the type developed in the neighboring country. A priori, species such as clams and abalone, among several others, appear as serious candidates to be sold live in these Asian markets, “says the Argentine expert.