SEAFOODNEWS.COM  [Technopress] – July 25, 2016

China is becoming a more important market for Chile salmon producers.  An example of this is contained in the latest (May) export report for the region of Los Lagos (region X).  Although China’s purchases are still small in total volume, they are up 260%, vs declines for the US, Japan, and Brazil.

The United States accounted for 42.1% of total exports in salmon (US $ 83.7 million), decreasing the value of its shipments by 5.7% in twelve months.  Japan accounted for 10.2% of salmon exports, decreasing 25.8%.   These year on year declines are mainly due to the decrease in export volume both countries.

Brazil, third with 8.7% share, saw shipments decrease 47.6%, registering US $ 17.3 million in this period, with the greatest negative impact on salmon exports, a result of lower volume imported by this country (-64.6%).

In contrast, the INE (Chile’s Statistics Agency) said that China, fifth in participation (4.0%), had the largest positive impact on the value of exports of regional salmon, following the annual increase of 260.3%, which is explained according said entity as “mainly by the increase in volumes shipped to the Asian nation.”