SEAFODNEWS.COM  [Technopress]  September 29, 2016

China is continuing to import more Chilean salmon.  The figures for Los Lagos (Lakes Region) released by the National Statistics Institute show that salmon accounted for 73.9% of the region’s export value.  Salmon experienced a 33% decline in volume, but only a 3.1% decline in value, due to the rapid increase in salmon prices.
The US continues to be the primary market, accounting for 40.3% of exports; Brazil is second at 12.5%, as volumes to Brazil declined 35%.   Russia is 3rd with a 10.8$ market share, and increased its purchases 10.2%.  Japan is 4th, with the steepest decline in volume and value.
Salmon shipments to Japan from the Lakes region fell 66.6%, and the value of the exports fell 48.4%.
China remains the highest growth market, with a total share of 7.3%.  However this is up 41.5% in volume, and 125.3% in value over the past twelve months.
Exporters expect China to become one of the three largest salmon markets in the coming years.