SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Shuichan News] Translated by Amy Zhong January 5, 2017

China’s great demand has boosted Vietnam’s seafood exports in 2017, but a recent customs crackdown has left traders uncertain about border crossings in the first week of the New Year. (See accompanying story).

There is a drastic increase in Vietnam’s seafood export thanks to strong demand in China, according to the VASEP (Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers).

In the year of 2017, Vietnam has earned a revenue of US$8.3 billion in seafood export, which raises 19% compared with 2016. To be specific, shrimps’ export value balloons by 21% to US$3.8 billion. Tra fish brings a revenue of US$1.8 billion, which increases 4%. The export value jumps by 16% to reach US$0.6 billion for tuna and by 42% also to US$0.6 billion for cuttlefish and octopus.

China has outrun America and become the largest importer of Vietnam’s Tra. Its import value raises 37% in 2017 to US$0.42 billion compared with the year before. The shrimp import value skyrockets by 60% to reach US$0.677 billion, which makes China the third largest importer of Vietnam. And there is still great potential in this huge and lucrative market, said the VASEP.