By Sep. 7, 2018 17:23 BST

Victoria Co-Operative Fisheries Ltd’s has about 25 employees working at its plant in Neil’s Harbour, Nova Scotia, two to three days per week to handle an order for three, 12-meter containers of the shellfish bound for China, the Herald Business reports. Each container holds about 16,500 kilograms.

The chance remains that the order could be expanded to 10 containers following an upcoming visit by the undisclosed buyers.

The demand for Canadian Jonah crab has increased since early July when China began placing a retaliatory 25% tariff on US lobsters, the article reports. Normally the Victoria Co-op, which has 140 employees and focuses most on lobster and snow crab, would be completely shut down for two months at this point, with its employees laid off.

By expanding into new product lines, Burke said the co-op is moving closer to becoming a year-round operation.