by IntraFish Media


The Marine Stewardship Council is launching Sustainable Seafood Week across 78 stores operated eight major Chinese.

The event, which begins Aug. 6, is the third program initiated by MSC China program, under a program organized by China Retailer and Chain Store Association (CCFA), World Wide Fund (WW) and UNEP China program.

Participating retailers include: Aeon, Metro, Ole’(food hall) under China Resources Vanguard, Concord Investment China Ltd.(RT-mart), Rainbow, City Shop, Sam’s Club, and IKEA China

The one-week program, will include traditional seafood tasting demonstration, supported by MSC key partners such as Clearwater, Chang International, Zoneco and Frosta.

MSC will also organize several in-store programs,cooking classes and other progams aimed at increasing Chinese consumers’ awareness of sustainable fisheries the MSC blue eco- label.

“The China SSW is part of Asia Pacific Awareness Building program. Similar to Japan and Australian, the program encourages people to choose labelled products so as to conserve marine ecosystem,” said said MSC Asia Pacific Director, Patrick Caleo.

There are more than 40 MSC labeled products available to Chinese consumers, said the MSC.

In addition to the retailers, online platform, and international hotel chain Shangri La are also participating.