Dragon Link FAQ

1. When is the deadline for sending frozen seafood to Qingdao?

Frozen seafood samples must arrive at Hong Kong Airport between September 25 – 27 for consolidation to Qingdao by refrigerated container.

2. When is the deadline for sending chilled seafood to Qingdao?

Contact Dragon Link for current information on sending chilled seafood to China.

3. Can we send seafood samples to Qingdao by courier?

No. Courier companies are not able to clear customs for “exhibits” in China.

4. Can we hand-carry seafood samples to Qingdao?

No. The Hygiene Department at Qingdao Airport will detain any hand-carried seafood samples. We do not recommend exhibitors to hand-carry any seafood samples to Qingdao.

5. Can we give away seafood samples to our potential clients in Qingdao?

No. In accordance with the rules & regulations of the Chinese Department of Quarantine, all seafood samples are to be used for exhibition purposes only. All items of seafood samples MUST be disposed of and are not allowed to be transferred or cast away.

6. Should we pack seafood samples into carton boxes?

No. All frozen / chilled seafood samples should be well-packed into foam boxes, NOT into carton boxes. Please also put enough gel ice into the foam boxes to maintain the required temperature during transit to Qingdao.

7. What kind of documents / certificates are needed for sending seafood samples to Qingdao?

Original set of Health Certificate, Certificate of Origin & copy of Declaration Form MUST be provided for Customs clearance use in Qingdao. Please be reminded that the Qingdao Customs & Quarantine Department will not release the seafood samples until the receipt of all original certificates.

8. Are there services for arranging frozen / chilled seafood samples from local agents in China to the Qingdao International Expo Center?

Yes! Please contact Dragon Link for separate quotation.

9. Are there cold / chill storage rooms at the Qingdao International Expo Center?

Yes! Dragon Link will have cold / chill storage rooms at the Expo Center for exhibitor use.

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