China’s imports of warmwater shrimp rose to a new high record in July. The import volume skyrockets by 121.4% to 0.093 million tons, and the growth rate obviously outruns that of its eatable seafood import which increases by 25.2% to 0.41 million tons, according to statistics from FCCfood.

A further look reveals that the country’s shrimp import from this January to July increased by 37.5% to 0.429 million tons from that of last year, while by 35.8% compared with that of 2019. It is also quicker than the total seafood import raising by 24.8% to 2.38 million tons from that of last year.

Among all warmwater shrimp, those from Ecuador are the most outstanding, and the volume is said to have balloon by 1.6 times to 0.06 million tons this July compared with that of last year. That from January to July goes up by 43.7% to 0.283 million tons. China’s import of warmwater shrimp increases by 0.037 million tons this July from that of June, and 0.03 million tons come from Ecuador.

White shrimp are Ecuador’s one main export to China. The July’s export to China also rose to a new high mark of 0.055 million tons, which constitute more than 53% of the country’s total export 0.103 million tons. It skyrockets by 71.9% from that of last July and by several times compared with 2020. The export to China from January to July increased to 0.324 million tons, while the country’s total export is 0.614 million tons.

The considerable increase is mainly due to greater demand in China and updates of the country’s customs clearance, and the near-future prospect is promising with the coming festivals like the Mid-Autumn Festival. However, not all shrimp are feeling more welcomed there this July, and some are suffering from market contraction.

One case in point is shrimp from Vietnam. Exports dropped by 17% to US$38 million, according to Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers. Despite that, one undeniable fact is that China’s consumers have been showing greater preference to imported shrimp. One proof may be the 64% increase in Vietnam’s export from this January to July.

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