SEAFOODNEWS.COM  [njrb daily ] Translated by Amy Zhong – January 12, 2016

Large quantities of fresh chilled salmon have been flown to Nanjing for the first time. On 1 pm of January 4, Nanjing Lukou International Airport has welcomed the arrival of 165-carton chilled salmon weighing over 3000kg from Australia.

This is the first batch of large amount of fresh chilled salmon imported to Nanjing. At around 4 pm, the clearance procedures have been finished and the salmon have been delivered to processing plants by the buyer.

And on January 5, these salmon have been served in the food chain restaurants and sold to citizens through online sales channels. Salmon is renowned for its fresh meat and it is extremely easy for fresh salmon to rot owing to the lack of preservative, such processing as cooking and the long-distant air freight. So it is important to transport these salmon through cold chain logistics at the temperature of 0℃to 5℃, said Qiao from Nanjing Inspection and Quarantine Bureau.

“These salmon have left Melbourne on January 3, 2016. They arrived at Nanjing on January 4, while they were served in restaurants and on the table of citizens on January 5”, said Gao, the manager of a Shanghai trading company, also the buyer of the salmon. This meant that it only takes these salmon three days to travel from Australia to the table of Nanjing consumers.

A free trade agreement between China and Australia has come into effect recently.