SEAFOODNEWS.COM [SeafoodNews] March 20, 2017

The Global Aquaculture Alliance and major Chinese e-commerce platform JD.fresh signed an agreement for the online retailer to start selling BAP certified seafood directly to consumers in China.

The deal was signed during the Seafood Expo North America (SENA), which is taking place in Boston between March 19-21. The two organizations said the understanding will raise awareness of responsible aquaculture and food safety to Chinese consumers through its perishable foods division, JD Fresh Food.

The agreement will see promote sales of farmed seafood products originating from BAP-certified facilities. The arrangement will begin with a special fresh food promotional week on beginning March 24. is China’s largest online retailer by revenue.

“E-commerce is an exciting, new market for global seafood trade, and is a pioneer in these efforts with their fresh food platform for the China market,” said Steven Hart, Vice President of GAA. “The strength of, which allows users to purchase fresh or frozen seafood and have it delivered that same day, allows us the unique opportunity to build the BAP brand directly with the Chinese consumer.”

GAA is working with to identify companies that are producing farmed seafood in a responsible, safe manner. By working with, the GAA said these companies can access its 226.6 million active customers more directly through a platform that allows them to better brand themselves, tell their story of responsible, safe aquaculture production, and better market the health benefits of seafood consumption.

Representing in Boston was Xiaosong Wang, President of JD Fresh Food.

“As China’s largest online retailer, we believe it is our duty and obligation to provide JD’s hundreds of millions of customers direct access to the world’s freshest and best seafood,” said Mr. Wang, “Through the cooperation with GAA, we will be able to vastly expand our offering in the Chinese market.”