Letters of Invitation

Some exhibitors and visitors traveling to China may require Letters of Invitation for their visa application. We are happy to provide Letters of Invitation from the China Ministry of Agriculture to our valued customers. CFSE Exhibitors AND Visitors may request a Letter of Invitation which can be used to apply for a single-entry business visa from Chinese Embassies and Consulates.

In an effort to encourage overseas businessmen to participate in international trade shows such as CFSE, China has recently announced expedited visa procedures for overseas companies. These expedited measures make it easier for overseas visitors to obtain business visas. It is also easier to get tourist visas, which do not require a Letter of Invitation. Overseas visitors can also obtain Letters of Invitation from their business partners in China. 
Because Chinese policies and requirements still vary from country to country, Sea Fare Expositions cannot guarantee that Letters of Invitation issued by the Ministry of Agriculture will be honored by all Chinese embassies and consulates. 

The Deadline for Submitting
Letter of Invitation Requests Has Passed

We Are No Longer Accepting Letter of Invitation Requests for CFSE 2023