An ancient, but ultra-modern seaside city on the northeast coast of China; Qingdao is the largest city in Shandong Province, with a population of almost 9 million people.

Known as one of China’s most livable cities, Qingdao served as host for the 2008 Olympic sailing events and is home of the world-famous Tsingtao Brewery.

With evidence of human habitation dating back 6,000 years, Qingdao has a fascinating history and rich culture. Qingdao was the cradle of Chinese Taoism whose traditions emphasize living in harmony with the Tao (often defined as “way”, “path” or “principle”). Additionally, historical records indicate that explorer Xu Fu set sail from Qingdao to Korea and Japan when he made the earliest overseas voyages from China while searching for the fabled elixir of life for Emperor Qin She Huang.

Unprecedented economic growth in the region has contributed to a booming seafood industry in Qingdao and the greater Shandong Province.

Companies in the area import and export over USD$8 billion worth of seafood a year – more than a third of China’s total international seafood trade.

Air Travel

Qingdao International Airport

While Qingdao has many modern hotels, restaurants and other features common in a world-class city, it retains much of its old-world character from when it was a German colony. Since the 1980s, Qingdao has rapidly developed into a major port city and manufacturing center. Its convenient international airport has numerous daily flights to and from locations throughout China, Hong Kong, Japan and Korea. Qingdao also now has direct flights from Europe and North America.


Qingdao has a temperate four-season climate. The temperature peaks in late August at around 25°C and winters are typically cold and dry with average January temperatures of about 0°C. Early November is still the Golden Season in Qingdao and days are normally dry with temperatures ranging from 16 – 20°C so remember to bring a coat with you to the show!