SEAFOODNEWS.COM  [CQ] translated by Amy Zhong – September 11, 2017

On the morning of Sept. 1, a flight loaded with live shrimp took off from Phuket Island, Thailand, at 1:20 am and arrived at Chongqing, China, at 6 am. They were examined through a fast inspection lane before being available in local seafood markets and supermarkets. And their price is similar to that of local live shrimp.

Avout 1000 kg were in this first shipment. Buyers can get them in about two hours after landing thanks to efficient work of staff from customs, the inspection and quarantine bureau along with the airport. The fast lane is designated to ensure that fresh food can be delivered to Chongqing consumers as soon as possible. And live aquatic products are transported from their places of origin to Chongqing through cold chain logistics within 10 hours, so that they have high survival rates, said Chen, the manager for one of the logistics companies. And overall survival rate is close to 100 percent at present, based on collected data.

The Chongqing government has worked hard to help and hasten import of seafood products, and local companies also spend great efforts promoting Thailand seafood in China. According to the general manager for one local import and export company, the company has sent professional staff to places of origin to check qualities of aquatic products. Eight flights from Thailand to Chongqing every day at present, can transport about 20 tons of commodities.

This particular company imports only about two to three tons of live shrimp every day at this early stage. Later, it will increase import volumes as well as seafood species. It also plans to import products like flowers and fruit. Its daily import volume is expected to reach around 15 to 20 tons at later stages.